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Author: Rushabh Sheoran

We're now in the last week of May 2020. The pandemic is still very much the core topic of most conversations. The pandemic and the economy. The economy isn't exactly on fire either, which makes the combination a rather unpleasant one. Certain sporting events have grudgingly started competition and are now airing on some TV channels. The sport of mma is back with a new event format. Frequent covid19 testing for the athletes and no live crowds in the arena is the new norm and it will probably continue this way for the foreseeable future. The UFC is leading the charge of course and they are the first major mma promotion to be back on television. They have clocked in

From the Hub’s point of view….. It is currently early April 2020 and the world is struggling against the Covid19 virus. My country, India is in a complete nationwide lockdown and we’re all completely restricted to our respective homes. World over, almost every major sport event has been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. In some cases like ‘The Wimbledon Tennis Championship’, we see a cancellation for the first time since The Second World War. Writing this as a hardcore MMA fan and enthusiast and not as an MMA coach or Gym owner, I feel a deep void, right in the center of my very being. Ok! I’m being a tad dramatic. But damn! I miss the sport so much. I

As I write this blog on a sunny, Wednesday afternoon, on March 18, 2020, the world battles a vicious pandemic. Gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools across certain cities are closed and people are being forced to find alternative methods and venues to maintain their fitness levels. My own training centre The Fight Hub, Gurgaon is temporarily shut leaving me for the first time in years, without a place to train. I feel a terrible void, not being able to work my kickboxing, muay thai skills, like I usually do a few times a week… The need for adaptation often stems from necessity and I found myself in the colony park today morning, in my muay thai gear ready for a quick

‘We’re living in different times’… The times I’m speaking about are a few days shy of 2020… The digital and social realms are capturing the time and attention of teenagers today as never before… Hand held, pocket sized, electronic devices allow entertainment and communication today, in ways that would have been unimaginable when I was a teenager back in the late 90s… So we did what most teenagers back then could do with the ample time we had… Play sports… Whatever kind scratched your itch… From the light, agile no contact kind like badminton all the way to getting a few ribs roasted in a boxing ring… We competed with a child like fury and saw more than a reasonable share of

Fist fight… Brawl… Scrap… These words in any language, any social strata, and any corner of the world will bring around, about the same reaction… an eager crowd… Schoolyards, a parking lot, a cafeteria, a rainy street, a quiet restaurant… Human beings tend to have a tolerance and thrill in some soft violence… As long as the scene does not cross a certain line in the amount of violence involved… If you take care of a few variables that can turn a fist fight very dangerous and dirty, namely… the mutual participation of both parties and a few sets of rules and regulations… Voila!! We now have ourselves a legit sport… For fame, fortune, wealth, glory, country and unquestionably, a

So… UFC Joanna vs. Waterson or UFC Fight Night 161 took place on 13th October 2019, 05:30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time), in Tampa, Florida, USA… In the main event, former champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk, beats ‘The Karate Hottie’, Michelle Watterson via unanimous decision in a rather one sided fight… I gave all five rounds to Joanna. I mean this was just a masterful performance by the boogie-woman… Her jab was quick and precise, and she really worked in this quick muay thai leg kicks… She was clearly the physically stronger fighter in the clinch and had michelle pressed up against the cage landing good elbows and knees to the body… Waterson landed some decent leg high kicks as is her weapon

So… UFC 243 took place on 6th October, Sunday morning (0730 hrs) IST (Indian Standard Time), in Melbourne, Australia, in front of a record crowd of 57000 plus screaming fans… In the main event Israel Adesanya beats Robert Whittaker via TKO in the second round… I mean, is the Last Stylebender everything an mma fan dreams off or what… Plenty of style points for his showmanship and antics outside the octagon, but the level of striking inside the ring was just sublime… The angles he setup every time Robert tried to blitz into range were just masterful… I mean there were moments in that first round where I thought that Bobby’s punches missed by just a few inches and